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   :: 3030C Compact In-Circuit Tester
Small footprint, high test coverage
  3030C is the bed-of-nails tester designed to deliver a cost-effective test solution in a very small footprint. Modular and configurable with a complete range of instrumentation and receivers, 3030C provides 2x throughput compared with standard test solutions, thanks to its 2-Core Real Parallel Test. 3030C delivers multiple test capabilities, guaranteeing 100% coverage in a unique, integrated, high-throughput, cost-effective system.
  Key Features
  » True 2x Parallel Test
  » Small footprint
  » High-speed parametric ICT
  » Automatic application development
  » Multiple test functions: ICT, FCT, Flashing
  » Easy diagnostic of fixture's pogo pins via mobile app
3030C Compact In-Circuit Tester
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