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   :: 3030IL In Line In-Circuit Tester
3030IL -Multi-Core Multi-Function Board Tester
  3030IL is the fully automatic bed-of-nails tester expressly designed to minimize the cost of test, providing unparalleled throughput without requiring the operator to load the PCB or perform the test. It can be quickly integrated into SMEMA production lines, or used with standard automatic board loaders/unloaders. Modular and fully upgradable, 3030IL combines a wide range of test capabilities in a unique, integrated, high-throughput, cost-effective system
3030IL can be equipped with up to 4 independent test cores - each one with independent CPU, local memory and instrumentation - able to test in parallel up to 4 boards/panels of boards. Compared to standard ICT testers, 3030IL throughput is up to 400% higher, thus minimizing the cost of test.
  Key Features
  » 4x throughput with 4-Core Architecture
  » No operator cost
  » Ultra-fast handling in 3 sec.
  » 5000+ tests/sec
  » Automatic test program generation
  » Parallel programming of different-type ICs
  » Easy diagnostic of fixture's pogo pins via mobile app
3030IL In Line In-Circuit Tester
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