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   :: 4020 Flying Probe Testers
High Performance at Breakthrough Price
  4020 Flying probe tester combine the 4 high-speed top flying heads with additional tools to contact the bottom side of the board, increasing throughput and test capabilities.
Each flying probe can be used for in-circuit test, power-on test, sink/source analog, digital D/S, flashing via on-board programming, boundary scan, prescaler.
While using the 4 top probes to perform flying probe test from the top side, a bottom lifted platform can be used for bed-of-nails fixtures, multiple high-current power supplies, digital I/O, high-speed signals, fixed probes, planarity supports
  » Top-performance linear motors on XYZ axis
  » Highest speed of movement
  » Maintenance-free: no tear and wear can affect accuracy
  » Mechanical stability over timee
  Technical Spec
Application NPI Prototype
Throughput Medium throughput
Chassis Structural steel
UUT probing Single Side
Multi-Probe Flying Heads 4 top
Max. Board Size (L x W) Manual: 500 x 400mm (19.7 x 15.7")
In-Line:1000 x 400mm (39.4 x 15.7")*
Footprint (L x W) (LxW) 1360 x 1220mm (1.7m2)
4020 Flying Probe Testers
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