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Acquired by ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. (ASMPT) in 2014, the brand formerly known as ASM Alternative Energy Solar along with the solar technology portfolio from ASMPT are now united as ASM Alternative Energy.  Encompassing all of the award-winning ASM Alternative Energy Solar technology and innovation developed over the last ten years combined with the product portfolio, global resources and solar innovation of ASMPT, ASM Alternative Energy leads the market in fuel cell and solar cell solutions.  Technologies include market-leading solar and fuel cell metallization/printing platforms, advanced stencils and screens, SolarBlades and SolarWIS wafer inspection systems.  For more information, visit www.asm-ae.com.
Metallization Line/ Screen Printing - Eclipse:

Highly flexible and offering a host of high performance options, Eclipse delivers unprecedented user choice. Its modular design allows manufacturers to scale up production with ease; with single and triple-head platforms extending productivity beyond throughput and into improved uptime and optimum capital utilization.

  Process Alignment Capability: 2 CpK @ +/- 10Ám
  Breakage Rate: < 0.15%
  Fully modular & configurable metallization line
Multiple print head providing parallel processing options which maximises uptime
Throughput configurable from 1350 to 4000 wph (subject to process and excluding scheduled downtime)
  Topside cameras for wafer edge, fiducial or pattern alignment
  Integrated vision inspection for ultimate process and quality control
  Integrated breakage detection
  Fast yet sensitive handling; high speed, zero edge contact for negligible breakage rates
  Multiple conveyingflippingbuffering & stacking options
  Superior positional accuracy for high yield precision
  Industry-leading repeatability for Print on Print applications
  Multi-language intuitive GUI control
  Hou Yi
  The HouYi line from ASM AE is a full metallization solution for commercial solar-cell production. Informed at every level by established solar expertise, the line combines the class-leading HouYi Screen Printer with purpose-designed loader/unloader, buffering, inspection and wafer flipping solutions.With a production capacity of 1450 wafers per hour, the HouYi line occupies a small footprint on the factory floor
  Process Alignment Capability: 2 CpK @ +/- 12.5Ám
  Breakage Rate: < 0.3%
  Single lane, compact footprint
  Perfectly balanced to operate at optimal throughput
  Dedicated thin wafer handling
  Handling and support mechanisms suitable for wafer thicknesses from 1mm down to 120Ám
  Compatible with wafer sizes in Square or Pseudo Square formats
  Mimimised edge contact wafer transport
  Delivering maximum yield and minimal waste
  Standardised machine interface enables easy integration with inline 
  Menu-driven software enables intuitive control of complex processes via full colour touch screen
  Printing  Technology / Screen for the Printing - Precision Emulsion Screens
  All our emulsion screens are ideal for use in advanced metallization processes. Precise material control and deposition accuracy, with the screens being produced in a Class 10,000 Clean Room with exceptional environmental and process control.
During the production process there is zero contamination and all screens are dimensionally stable.
  Emulsion thickness 0 - 50Ám ▒ 2Ám; 51 - 100Ám ▒ 5Ám; 101 - 500 Ám ▒10%; 501 - 1000Ám ▒15%
  Line widths from 25 Ám
  Maximum Frame size 1000 x 1000mm O/D
  Rigorous inspection throughout the production cycle
  Accurate verification against source data
  Wide range of input data formats accepted
  Premium dispatch service available on request (conditions apply)
  Quality production and rapid turnaround
  Fine line stencils
  An increase in cell efficiency of more than 0.2% is possible, in comparison to the industry standard single screen print process.
  Printing of front side grids with 40Ám fingers, resulting in reductions of silver paste use of up to 40%, and absolute values as low as 68 mg/cell.
  Fine Line StencilÖ can be used with printers other than those manufactured by ASM
  The only additional knowledge required is an awareness of the process parameters and a few points on housekeeping.
  Stencils of any standard size from 355 x 355 mm and larger can be supported. (contact ASM AE regarding other requirements)
  Fine Line StencilÖ has a useful working life of up to 20,000 print cycles
  Stencil thicknesses from 25Ám up to 200Ám are available with opening widths from 25Ám upwards
  Standard PV wafer sizes of 125mm and 156mm are easily accommodated with no lower limit on wafer size and an upper limit of 220mm for special applications
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