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The APT-1400F is a next-generation flying probe test system which has unprecedented performance in terms of test speed, positioning accuracy and test coverage. Owing to major improvement in test speed and positioning accuracy, the APT-1400F is capable of having the probes contact to extremely small test pads deployed on the latest SMT boards with a high degree of accuracy & to test it in a small amount of time.

The APT-1400F has no compromise between speed, reliability and long life. The design of the XY table has been completely reworked and optimally adapted to the high traversing speed of the test needles as well as the new mechanical design of the axes. An outstanding measuring unit and numerous innovative test algorithms enable a significant increase in the test coverage on your modules.


In addition, the APT-1400F is provided with the breakthrough 4-heads & 6-flying probes and additional sensors i.e.,

  • 4 Tilted probes
  • 2 Vertical probes
  • 2 IC open sensors
  • 2 LED color test sensors
  • 16-bit DAC / ADC measuring device including 3 x DC 4-quadrant voltage supplies
  • R, L, C measurements
  • Measuring voltage <0.1V
  • Kelvin measurements
  • Guard functions
  • Diodes & Zener Diodes Measurement Functions
  • Transistors / FET / Optocoupler / Relay / etc.
  • DC / AC current and voltage measurements
  • Voltage regulators / operational amplifiers / transformers
  • Characteristic measurements of components and circuits
  • Insulation measurements
  • Continuous measurements
  • Frequency measurements
  • AC signal generator
  • Cluster tests
  • IC Open Sensor
  • LED tests (color and intensity)
  • Integration of external power supplies and test systems (Boundary Scan, In System Programming, etc.)
  • Unique mechanics with 4 heads & 6 Flying Probes
  • Ultrafast XYZ motors and controls
  • 50% faster than conventional Flying Probe test systems
  • 25% more accurate, smallest contact area 60μm
  • New design of the axes and the XY table in granite
  • Highly flexible "Composite Robot" Long life measuring and control cables
  • Soft Touch Control (Attenuating contact Pressure of Probes)
  • Measuring electronics directly on the test heads
  • Newly developed flexible subassembly
  • Transport system with automatic width adjustment and SM
  • High density CCD color camera
  • 2 x LED torch lights
  • Position correction (offset, torsion, shrinkage)
  • Detection of reverse polarity, missing, offset or incorrect components
  • 1D and 2D barcode recognition
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Color recognition of components
  • Color Real Map Function for graphical view of assemblies and contact points
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