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  LCR Meter
  Economic LCR Meter 6370 / 6371 /6372
  Key features:
0.1% Basic measurement accuracy
200kHz continuous frequency range
Simple straightforward operation
Low cost
Comprehensive range of measurement functions
  RS-232, GPIB interfaces
  Wide AC drive level
  Small physical size
  Impedance Analyzer 6378 / 6379
  Key features:
  0.1% Basic Accuracy
  Up to 1MHz Frequency
  5 Digits Frequency Step Resolution
Comprehensive Measurement Functions
  Graphical Sweep Mode
  Straight Forward Intuitive Operation
  GPIB, Printer Port Interfaces
  Unbeatable Performance & Price
Automatic Transformer Tester 5235/5236/5237/5238
  Key features:
  0.1% Basic Accuracy
  Up to 1MHz Frequency
  Easily Programmed, De-skills Testing, Reduces Labor Costs
  Speedy, Increases Productivity
  Operator Just Loads & Removes Transformers
  Precise Accurate & Reliable Results
  Online Statistic, RS-232
  Secure, Tamper-proof Programs
Impulse / Surge Tester 7703/7713
  Key Features:
  Low Energy Non - Destructive Test of Winding
  0.5uH of Resistance is Capable of Testing
  Auto Voltage Level Control
  Ultra high 5000V testing voltage
  Double motoric driven manifold with liquid and air knife system to ensure direct effect
  Easy Waveform Learning, Fast Testing
  High Frequency Harmonic Analysis
  High Frequency Noise Analysis
  Hi-Pot / Insulation Tester 7640
  Key Features:
  21 Channels Scan
  Large 320*240 LCD Display
  Built-in PLC Remote Interface
  Arcing Detection
  Three Test Models Available (DC, AC, IR)
  RS-232 Port
  Open/Short Correction
  Ramp Up Time
  Hi-POT Tester 7600/7620
  Key Features :
  Built-in PLC Remote Interface
  Three Test Modes Available
  RS-232 Port
  Graphic LCD Display
  Programming Sequence Test
  Ramp Up Time
  Cable / Harness Test 8700/8710/8720
  Key Features :
  Up to 1500V Test Voltage
  Max. 512 Test Points (8720N)
  Auto Scan and Auto Pin Search
  Intermittent Conductance and O/S Test
  Providing Single-End Test
  Large 320x240 LCD Display
  Linear and Safety Test All-in-One
  Full Programming Sequence Test
  Versatile I/O Ports for Application
  Statistics and Print Function
  Motor Stator Tester MT-6910 /MT-6920/MT-6650
  Key Features :
  Speedy, time saving, high efficiency
  Programming control and analysis
  Easily editing environment and learning
  Chinese / English version selectable
  Multi-testing in the same time (depending on circuit's number)
  Impulse test, waveform learning, display and saving
  Impulse test, non-destroyable analysis
  Maximum 100 files
  Fail Stop / Continue testing function
  Pass / Fail Alarming
  Power Meter 7110
  Key Features :
  0.1% basic accuracy
  Simplified outlet panel avoided connecting extra rack
  High speed auto range ability
  The orders of total harmonic distortion could reach 50
  High speed testing process with high accuracy
  Options for standard RS232/GPIB remote control
  Applied for standby power measurement such as Energy Star measurements and the resolution of power could reach 1m watt
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