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  We are Boundary-Scan
Boundary-scan technology helps our customers overcome the test and programming challenges of complex PCBs. We are active participants and contributors to industry associations that set standards and drive the technology forward. Since 1993, our products have helped customers around the world increase the quality of their products, reduce costs and improve time-tomarket.

With over 4,500 installations, a continuous track record of product breakthroughs, and the industry's largest network of providers, JTAG Technologies is proud to lead the industry in boundary-scan solutions and services.

Meet your test engineering goals. Reduce production costs. Contact jtag@inetest.co.in to get started.
  Why boundary-scan?
Boundary-scan solves circuit access problems that arise from the use of advanced IC packages, such as ball-grid arrays (BGAs). The technique, based on the industry standard IEEE 1149.1 specification, enables rapid precise testing and high-speed insystem programming (ISP) of densely packed printed circuit boards. Boundary-scan's effectiveness is proven in thousands of applications across every segment of the electronics industry.

Users of JTAG Technologies products such as Alcatel/Lucent, Delphi, Flextronics, Honeywell, Nokia, Philips, Raytheon, Rockwell-Collins, Sanmina-SCI, Scientific Atlanta and many others have seen powerful benefits
Shorter time-to-market
Reduced capital investment and operating cost
Faster, automated generation of test vectors and ISP files
Easier troubleshooting of structural faults
  » Simpler flow for PLD and flash programming
  Drive your bottom line, streamline your operations
Open your market window
Today's demanding business climate often dictates quick-to-market timelines and shorter product life cycles.

JTAG Technologies boundary-scan solutions, used throughout your product life cycle, optimize your investment, get you to market quicker, and save your money.

Gain access to high-density PCBs
- Build testability and programmability into products.
- Access BGAs and other high density packages without in-circut and optical testers.
- Reduce functional test times to handle highly complex circuits.
- Obtain precise fault diagnosis and reduce repair time.

Increase quality on all fronts
- Know the testability of your designs; take corrective actions prior to board layout
- Verify correct PCB assembly at prototype stage and in production.
- Program flash memories and PLDs in-system at high throughout rates.
- Improve manufacturing operation with valuable process information reports.
  Reduce time-to- market with our time-saving automated tools
- Decrease debug time for hardware prototypes and expedite re-programming PLDs and   flash memories during firmware debugging.
- Start test engineering earlier, based on pre-layout design information.
- Ready test programs at the start of production, complete with high-resolution   diagnostics for repair.

Lower manufacturing costs
- Share test programs between design and production to increase accuracy and    consistency of results.
- Cut fixturing costs by reducing or eliminating discete test points.
- Reduce repair times with impoved coverage and precise diagnostic.
- Maximize fault coverage.
- Eliminating stocking and logistics of pre-programmed parts.

Whether you build 100 boards a week, 1000 boards a day, or more, JTAG Technologies boudary- scan solutions help you save real costs - both time and money - while improving your product and process quality.

You'll find JTAG Technologies solutions at work in all segments of the electronics industry:

  • Aerospace
  • Avionics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Computers
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Medical electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Data communications
  • Contract manufacturing
For Online Training /Webinars visit http://www.jtag.com/en/webinars
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