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  Design your applications fast and thoroughly with JTAG ProVision
ProVision offers a 21st century user interface and common platform for all our boundary-scan test development, device programming and debug tools. The modular, open architecture of ProVision allows rapid development of new feature modules that are linked into the central project database.

The JTAG ProVision software suite is used to generate boundary-scan tests and in-system programming applications for assembled PCBs and systems. This professional development tool is fully automated and supports the import of design data from over 30 different EDA and CAM systems. Other key data inputs are JTAG device BSDL models and a large, well-maintained model library describing thousands of non-JTAG devices.

ProVision's development features are tightly integrated with JTAG Technologies' advanced test coverage analysis tool and with JTAG Visualizer. You can use these tools to rapidly assess the thoroughness of the test during development and to make improvements prior to release. Provision offers below advantages to for program Development
  • Easy to learn, requires minimal knowledge
  • Simple to use with built-in application wizards
  • Creates board tests, system tests and programs devices
  TABLE : Illustrating the Features versus the Benefits to the Program developmnet.

JTAG ProVision Feature


Able to handle single- chain and multi-chain boards, single- and multi-board designs

Give system designers maximum flexibility and minimum constraints

Prepare tests and ISP routines quickly, even for complicated system architectures
Design wizard for all applications Easy to learn, built-in boundary-scan expertise
Advanced viewing and controls

Automation with extensive device model library
Optimize designs for maximum coverage

Rapid test and ISP application generation including 1149.6 applications such as LVDS
Integrated with JTAG Visualizer View your boundary-scan results on your schematic and layout
Fault coverage analysis

Know your coverage before going to board layout

Compare actual test results with the optimum obtainable for your design
Automation based on device model library Prepare tests and in-system programming applications rapidly  
Support for IEEE 1149.6 Develop tests automatically to detect and diagnose faults in advanced digital networks such as LVDS with pin-level accuracy  
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