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Global Technosoft Pte.Ltd. Singapore, through its subsidiary, iNETest Technologies India Pvt Ltd. - is a one Stop Manufacturing & Test Solutions Service Provider for Electronics Industry.

INETest in India is established solely for providing Dedicated & Customized Sales, Service & Solutions to the Customers in the field of PCBA Test & Inspection equipment requirement, ICT FIXTURING & FUNCTIONAL TEST SOLUTIONS, BOARD-LEVEL-TESTABILITY ANALYSIS TOOLS, IC PROGRAMMING SOLUTIONS, QUALITY & RELIABILITY SOLUTIONS, ENVIRONMENTAL TOTAL TESTING SOLUTIONS , SOLDERIG & DESOLDERING SOLUTION,PCB ROUTING SOLUTIONS of Electronics Manufacturing Industry. The word iNETest stems from "Integrated (I) Network (NET) of Test Engineers (Test).

Our Core Product Portfolio includes below products:-

  PCB Test & Inspection Solutions:-
In Any PCB Assembly line, Primarily ICT, AOI & XRY machines are used. Under this portfolio, we offer ICT Fixtures & Functional Test Solutions. With the combination of all these machines, customers can be rest assured that all their component, PCB & Process related issues are being taken care by these three machines. Under this  Portfolio we also offer  Boundary Scan Testing Products/ Software and electrical Testability Analysis, Board Viewing and Quality Management tools .
* SPEA S.P.A - Flying Probe Tester & In-circuit tester
* Boundary Scan Test Solutions
* ASTER Technologies :- Electrical Testability Analysis, Board Viewing and Quality Management tools.
* ICT Fixtures/ Test Program  

YXLON International  :-  PCBA X-ray Inspection System

Test & Measurement Equipments
* Microtest Corporation : Test & Measurement Equipments
* Feasa Enterprises. Ltd : LED Testing Solution
PCB Assembly Equipment Solutions:-
We offer Solder Paste Printer/ Screen Printer, Reflow & Wave Soldering & Conveyors & Automation. Apart from this we also provide soldering -Desoldering stations and PCB De-panelling machines. This would be required in any SMT Line Assembly. Below are the principles / Products we offer to customers
* Aurotek Corporation- Taiwan:- PCB Routing ( De-panelling systems), Automatic -Manual Loading & In Line , Desktop Routing machine.
* Finetech GmbH & Co. – Germany – Finetech manufactures innovative, high-accuracy equipment for leading-edge bonding, micro assembly and rework challenges. The FINEPLACER® systems are designed to be modular for maximum process flexibility and come in manual, semi-automatic or automatic configurations.
* JBC Industrias, S.A.-Spain :- Soldering & De-soldering Stations, Microtweezer, Re-work Stations, Hot Air Stations, Nano stations, Fume Extractor, Bottom Heater, Automatic Wire Dispenser.
* YJ-Link Korea :- Board handling & Automation Systems Equipment :: Magazine Loader/Unloader, Vacuum Loader, PCB Cleaner, Link Conveyor, Work Table, Gate & Shuttle Conveyor, Sliding conveyor, Inverter, Turning Conveyor, Buffer Stacker, NG Stacker, Wave Soldering IN/Out Feeder, Soldering Robot machine, Manual Insertion line, PCB Cutting machine, Label machine.
* Martin GmbH :- Germany . BGA Rework Station for wide variety of PCBs with Automatic Alignment and placement with hybrid bottom heater of Convection and Infrared. Martin machines has special tools for supporting flux dipping, solder paste printing solutions along with the presentation of the smallest µSMD.
Coating Solutions:-
SCS-Speciality Coating Services – USA: Precision coating machine—for PCBA Conformal coating, Parylene Deposit systems, Parylene Lab Coater for Medical, PCAB ( Aerospace), Automotive Industry, Spin coaters for R&D Labs ( for wafer and Substrate, Glass Coatings—in field of Semiconductor or Solar PV Labs) , Ionic Contamination Tester
  IC Programming Solutions :-
Under this portfolio, we Electronic Device Programmers for all Applications,Off Line programming ( Socket based) or In System Programming ( ISP)
We represent below mentioned Principles & products.
* SMH Technologies S.r.l. Italy :-
We offer solutions to the embedded world, by Providing Microcontroller based Flash Programming. We offer Flash Runner - most famous In System Programmer.
* DATA I/O Corporation :-
Data I/O is the world’s leading provider of manual and automated device programming systems for Flash, Microcontroller and Logic devices. Data I/O with headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA.
  Environmental testing total solution provider-ETSP
We represent below mentioned Principle & Products :-
* Environmental testing total solution provider-ETSP
Dust chamber, Water spray chamber, CCT chamber, Tensile test chamber, Vacuum Oven, UV chambers, solar cell chambers , complex IR Chambers, Conveyer ovens, inline UV Cure ovens, Electric furnace, complex vibration chamber,
* ACE Dragon Corporation
Dry cabinets with different Humidity Ranges and Sizes. Humidity Ranges of <1% , <5%, 20-50% RH, Baking Dry Cabinet with <5% RH and 400 C, <5%RH and 600 C. Sizes of 200L, 400L, 600L. 1200L. Humidity Logger with Humidity Manager Software.
Vibration Test Systems:-
* Signal Analyzers, vibration Controllers, vibration shakers, power amplifiers and High intensity & Underwater Acoustics.
  Non- contact video measurement system.   
  * QVI, USA :- Non Contact and Multisensor  coordinate measuring systems. cid:image003.jpg@01CD1962.5CE14910

Distribution Products:-

. PEM Engineering :- Self Clinching Fasteners.

  PCB & Stencil Cleaning Solution
PBT cleaning machine :-  PCB Cleaning , Stencil Cleaning and Flux Cleaning Solution.
In any PCB assembly line, Cleaning Machine are being used at different stage of Production to maintain high quality production.  For process like Stencil cleaning, Misprint Cleaning, Flux cleaning , baked flux Cleaning on PCB after reflow oven  or after Wave soldering machine, PCB cleaning after Repair or PCB cleaning before Conformal Coating.   Under this  Portfolio we also offer  PCB and Stencil Cleaning Solution with Different Technologies like Ultrasonic Cleaning Technique, Spray In Air Technique and Spray under Immersion Technique. We have different Solution for Different cleaning Volume.
  Laser Marking Solution
Inline Laser Marking, Offline Laser marking
Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co., Ltd. Laser marking is one of the most popular laser processing technologies. Laser marking is local irradiation in substances with high energy laser beam to make it evaporate rapidly and color change by physical or chemical reaction. These markers are permanent and hard to remove.
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