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  :: Aurotek Desktop PCB Separator S330DT  
  Desktop Design, Compact in Size, Flexibility in product deployment in production line.
  The routing device equipped high speed precision spindle motor to reduce the reaction pressure from work piece.
  Safety Door Design assures operator's safety and provides dust collection efficiency.
Aurotek Designed Motion Controller comes with linear and circular interpolation in order to meet the routing needs of cutting different shapes of PCB.
  Entry level PCB Separator product at affordable price.

Standard Specifications

Dimensions 670 x 840 x 840 mm (S330DT)
Component Max. Height to top side Top side:15mm, Bottom side: 35mm
( with universal jig ) and 45 mm ( with Specific Jig )
Routing Bit Diameter F 0.8 F2mm (option over F2mm )
Positioning Accuracy 0.01mm
Precision of Cutting 0.1mm
Working Area x: 330 , y : 330mm (S330DT)
Driving Speed (Max.) 500 mm/sec (S330DT)
Cutting Speed (Max.) XYZ : 100mm / sec
Spindle Spec. High speed variable frequency motor 265 W (Max.58,000rpm)
Motors of Axes AC Servo Motor x 3(X,Y,Z)
Cutting Ability Linear, L-shape, Arc,
U-shape, Circular
Route Planning Coordinate Input or Manual
PCB Loading & Unloading Manual
Power 3 phase AC 220 V , 50 Hz , 1.1 Kw
Weight for Main Unit 118 Kg. (S330DT)
Desktop S330DT
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