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The FlashPAK III is the world’s most trusted manual desktop gang programmer
  » FlashPAK III™ , is a 4-site programmer
  » Device Support for Flash memories, Microcontrollers, NAND &  EEPROM
  » The FlashPAK III™ Networked Programming System supports the latest high-density Flash memory, NAND Flash, Managed NAND Flash, Microcontroller and EEPROM devices at maximum programming speeds and highest quality per device.
  » FlashPAK III is capable of reading and writing to devices at speeds greater than 10 MBytes/second.
  » FlashPak III can be controlled through computer as well as operates in Standalone mode.
  » Unique actuating bar opens sockets for easy insertion & removal of devices.
  » Reduces parts damage and socket wear, Reduces operator fatigue, Improves overall throughput
  PSV Series is most robust and reliable offline automated programming system.
  » Up to 2000 devices/hour with tray,tape and tube configurations
  » Trusted FlashCOREIII programming engine
  » Data I/O's perfected pick and place head
  » Data I/O's proven robotics handling and system management software
  » Integrated vision system
  » Genuine Data I/o Adapters for low noise & high yield
  RoadRunner3, In Line Programming System.
  » The world’s only just-in-time inline programming
  » The RoadRunner family streamlines the    manufacturing process, reduces cost and minimizes operator errors for a lean manufacturing process.
  » The RoadRunner slides into a slot on the SMT pick-and-place machine. A four-probe operation takes devices from tape input to place in sockets for programming. After programming a conveyor delivers the devices to the SMT machine’s pick-point just-in-time for placement on the circuit board just in time.
  » Configurable and Versatile: The RoadRunner family supports all major SMT machines.
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