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  Automation Ready ICT
TestStation Multi-Site Inline is the most productive, lowest cost in-circuit test solution. This "zero-footprint" inline test system provides true 2x-4x parallel test, delivering 200% to 400% greater productivity, and 40% to 50% lower total cost of test.

The TestStation Multi-Site Inline test solution features:

  » Multi-Site test architecture for 2x to 4x greater throughput vs. single-site systems
  » "Zero-Footprint" test head design that fits entirely within the narrowest automation
  » Automation Ready for inline test application
  » Easy migration into existing test automation & the TestStation Automated Inline Handler
  » "Copy-Exact" automation and test results
  » Easily expand to deliver full range of MDA, ICT, and Functional system level test
  Features and Options:
  The TestStation Multi-Site Inline test system supports all the standard and optional features of the TestStation Platform but are unique in the following ways:
  » Resource-optimized multi-site system design
  » Automation ready for inline integration
  » Multi-Site parallel test capability for the fastest inline production speeds
  » Designed to easily integrate within the TestStation Automated Inline Handler or other industry-leading automation equipment suppliers
  » Supports up to 5 card slots per site
  » Configurable with analog only, pure pin, hybrid, or high-density pin cards
  » Pin counts range up to 1,280 for single site configurations or 2,560 for dual site configurations
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