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YJLink in Korea since its establishment in the 2003, had undertaken sufficient Factory Automation in Korea to make itself outstanding and be seen by its competitors. YJLINK Specializes in Board Handling & Automation System Equipments , viz. Magazine Loader/Unloader, Vacuum Loader, PCB Cleaner, Link Conveyor, Work Table, Gate & Shuttle Conveyor, Sliding conveyor, Inverter, Turning Conveyor, Buffer Stacker, NG Stacker, Wave Soldering IN/Out Feeder, Soldering Robot machine, Manual Insertion line, PCB Cutting machine, Label machine.
YJ Link offers below products
  Magazine Loader & Unloader Line (CE Type,Standard Type, Human Technology Type)
  Vacuum Loader, Buffer stacker,
  PCB Cleaner, Line up Conveyor,
  Link Conveyor, Wave Soldering IN/Out Feeder,
  Work Table, Soldering Robot machine,
  Gate & Shuttle Conveyor, Manual Insertion line,
  Sliding conveyor, PCB Cutting machine,
  nverter, Label machine,
  Turning Conveyor Heating Conveyor,
  Buffer Stacker Case Mounter machine/Srew assy machine,
  NG Stacker Boat Loader & Un-loader ( Lead Frame, BGA Board) in semiconductor production
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