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Precise testing technology for advanced products.
SCS Ionographs are designed for fast and accurate ionic contamination cleanliness testing. Each system uses an ultra-pure alcohol/water extraction media and a "dynamic method" to test product samples quickly and non-destructively. The family of test equipment offers a full range of capacity and control to fit the needs of any lab or manufacturer.


SCS Ionographs can be used to measure the quality of incoming electronic components and circuit boards prior to flux application, thus avoiding encapsulation of contaminants. Post-soldering or reflow testing detects radical flux coverage and thermal process changes. This precise testing technology can also be used to monitor the level of no-clean flux applied during spray or foam fluxing, to help avoid electrical failures due to excessive flux deposits, as well as to discover solder defects caused by insufficient flux.

For those performing ionic contamination testing using "static test" methodology, the SCS Omegameter is the industry standard and provides effective and practical quality assurance for commercial cleanliness as well as accurate, repeatable and rapid results.


Ionographs SMD II and IV
The SCS Ionographs SMD II and IV are floor units for production and high-volume ionic contamination testing. Both are available with three sizes of test cells that can be operated at partial or full solution capacity based on load requirements. Submerged agitation jets and heated extract solution provide outstanding sensitivity, operation efficiency and the ability to test ultra-fine pitch components with ease and accuracy.

The SMD IV is the newest addition to the SCS ionic contamination test series and is the first in the market to offer Bluetooth technology for wireless communication. In addition to NFPA compliance, the SMD IV is the first cleanliness testing unit that is ETL-certified and nitrogen-inerted for added safety. Both units comply with MIL-STD-2000A, JPC-TM-650, and ANSI/J-STD 001B.


Ionograph SMD II

Ionograph SMD IV

Agitation jets


Heated solution



Tree test cell sizes



Controlled by
Power View









ETL certified



NFPA compliance






SCS PowerView™ Software
The Ionographs SMD II and IV are controlled by proprietary PowerView TM software, specifically developed for the ultimate programming and supervision of SCS ionic contamination test equipment. Create, save and run unlimited test profiles; collected data can be archived, exported and analyzed.

The Windows-best program establishes contamination testing parameters and calibrates equipment for consistent, repeatable and accurate measurements. Data is transmitted to the controlling computer for reporting, export and comparison. This feature provides unparalleled ease of analysis and flexibility in creating data charts and tables. The Bluetooth-enabled SMD Iv communicated wirelessly with PowerView on Bluetooth-enabled computers, providing additional freedom and flexibility.

PowerView features include:
•  Enhanced 32-bit user interface
•  Enhanced graphical and database capabilities
•  Built-in profile and test data query system
•  Simplified database export capabilities
•  Multi-level password protection for added security
•  Operates on Windows® 98, 2000, NT, and XP
•  Network connectivity for remote access/archiving
•  Controls all current and future SCS ionographs


Ionograph 500M Command Module
For smaller labs or less demanding use, the 500M Command Module and companion test modules offer scale. The Command Module can be programmed with up to 99 test profiles and controls up to four test modules; all test results are printed on thermal type for review and analysis. Calibration and verification are pre-programmed options. Test modules come in three sizes: Small Parts, Standard and Multi-Use.


Omegameter 600 SMD
The Omegameter 600SMD is the industry standard for ionic testing utilizing "static test" methodology on printed circuit boards and assemblies. This unit operates with a heated, agitated extract solution that removes and accurately measures contamination that results in process residues from fabrication and board assembly processes. The Omegameter is ideal for testing assemblies with SMT devices and complies with industrial specifications including MIL-STD-2000A, IPC-TM-650, and ANSI/J-STD001B.

Omegameter Specifications
•  Power: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8A
•  Dimensions: 38 x 29 x 54 in/ 96.5 x 73.6 x 137.1 cm
•  Weight: 550 lb / 249.5 kg
•  Solution Capacity: 12g / 45.4 L
•  30-program memory
•  Thermal-paper output of contamination curve and test parameters


Innovative solutions for advanced technologies.
Specialty Coating Systems leads the industry in providing Parylene solutions for our global customers' advanced technologies. SCS is the direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and we have more than 30 years of experience and expertise that we leverage on every project for our customers - from the initial planning phases, to advanced engineering, to the development of application process.

Our worldwide resources include highly experienced sales engineers, some of the world's foremost Parylene specialists, and expert manufacturing personnel working in 10 state-of-the-art-leading Parylene deposition systems; liquid spray, dip and spin coating systems; ionic contamination test systems; and UV and thermal cure units. Our equipment is used in environments that range from small university and research labs to high-volume production applications.

Our extensive and proactive approach to production and quality requirements - testing, validating, documenting and processing - provide our customers peace of mind and minimize their resources needed to meet the most challenging industry specifications and quality requirements.

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