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  Defluxing Systems - STENCILCLEAN US HT
Low-cost metal stencil cleaning
Misprint and low volume PCBA cleaning
Mechanical parts cleaning
  » Eliminate Rework
    Specifications - Defluxing Systems
  » 3 bath system
  » Hydraulic lifting
  » HT version is equipped with heating in cleaning and drying bath
  » Simultaneous processing of three frames
  » Operator-friendly manipulation
  » Minimal space requirement

Single phase electrical connection

  » No compressed air
  » Fully closed system - no drain required
  Defluxing Systems - MINICLEAN
  » Effective PCB defluxing & Missprint cleaning

Mechanical parts degreasing

  » 23“ stencil cleaning
  » Laboratories and small production sites
  Specifications - Defluxing Systems - Unique features
  » MINICLEAN SIA - Spray in Air with nozzle matrix system
MINICLEAN US - ultrasonic system
  » Both SiA and US ensure uniform cleaning results
  » DI water reclaim system integrated

Adaptive rinsing cycle time control

Custom-specific Precision Cleaning Systems - UNICLEAN
  » Effective PCBA and Misprints cleaning
  » Cleaning before wire bonding
  » Mechanical parts degreasing
  » Universal cleaning system for laboratories, small and medium size production
    Specifications - Custom-specific Precision Cleaning Systems
  » Combination of different agitation methods (US, SuI, OuI, AuI)

Modular design - can be built according to customer needs

  » Fully closed loop system
  » DI water reclaim plant is integrated
  » Robotic transfer with basket available
Custom-specific Precision Cleaning Systems - MODULECLEAN

Defluxing of the most difficult PCBA

  » Highest capacity defluxing
  » Cleaning before wire bonding
  » Fine cleaning of mechanical parts
  » Combined processes (PCBA + stencil + misprint)
  » Excelent results in cleaning of low solid and lead free technology with newest component packages types
    Specifications - Custom-specific Precision Cleaning Systems
  » MODULECLEAN offers wide range of process possibilities
  » The most up-to-date system for high capacity cleaning
  » MODULECLEAN overcomes in-line systems in saving energy and fluid consumption
  » Transfer system: intelligent single head or parallel
  » I/O buffer: manual/pushcarts loading
  » Completely closed loop configuration possible
  » DI water reclaim plant is integrated
  » Lowest drag out due to powerfull air knives
    Available process modules
  » Cleaning processes SiA, SuI, US, OuI
  » Rinsing processes SiA, SuI, US, Oui
  » Drying processes hot air blow, vacuum
    Automatic transport of baskets
  » Parallel or Robotic transport available
  » Operator´s intervention during input and output is eliminated
  » Direct input and output from/to pushcarts possible
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