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Octo Systems
OCTO from QVI is the cost-effective way of getting the benefits of completely automatic video-based inspection and measurement. All OCTO models include.

Octo :-
  • Intuitive metrology softsware. Automated OCTO systems useful-featured Measure-X metrology software, with ample functions for general purpose dimensional measurement and a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface.
  • Precision zoom optics. OCTO includes a precise 6.5 to 1 motorized zoom lens that keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout the zoom range. Optional lens attachments expand the magnification range-a low cost way to increase system versatility. The high-resolution digital color camera provides high contrast, true-color images.
  • Structural integrity. Each OCTO features joystick-controlled precision mechanical bearing motorized XYZ stages (micro stepper motors for XY,DC servo for Z) with 0.5 pm liner scales mounted to a metrological stable granite base and column.
  • illumination flexibility. OCTO systems provide illumination flexibility with LED profile light, LED coaxial surface light, and the patented full-LED SmartRing light.
  • Multisensor capability. Add true multisensor versatility by choosing the optional touch probe or DRS laser to measure difficult-to-image or otherwise inaccessible features.
 Model   X   Y   Z
  OCTO 200   200   150   150
  OCTO 300   300   300   150
  OCTO 400   450   450   150

Octo Lite Series :-
OCTO Lite from QVI offers the precision you expect from a non-contact, Semi-auto measuring system. Increase your productivity with the smallest budget. OCTO Lite systems provide a rich standard equipment, to unexpectedly low price. The OCTO Lite Series comes standard with the 32 bit software GageX equipped. GageX provides dimensional measurements and provides a powerful, easy to use interface.Clear, graphically supported instructions will guide you through your program flow.Sophisticated management and storage technology protected by all XYZ traverse thereliability you expect for your participation. OCTO Lite from QVI come with 6.5:1zoom lenses. The field-proven COP image processing delivers high precision non-contact measurement technology.

  • Intuitive metrology software. OCTO Lite includes full-featured Gage-X metrology software with numerous functions for general purpose dimensional measurement, and a powerful, easy-to-use graphical interface. Gage-X guides users through measurement routines with clear pictorial symbols.
  • Superior optics. OCTO Lite has a sharp-imaging 6.5 to 1 motorized programmable zoom lens. Images stay in focus and on-axis throughout the zoom range.
  • Robust staging. OCTO Lite features precision mechanical bearing XYZ stages with 1.0 pm linear scales. Coaxial coarse/fine XY adjustment knobs and convenient front-mounted Z motion adjustment knobs ease part positioning and focus.
  • Image processing. OCTO Lite features, full field-of-view image processing with advanced strong and weak edge algorithms.
  • Consistent Z axis measurement. Obtain accurate Z measurements and repeatable focus from user to user with the graphical CompuFocus feature.
 Model   X   Y   Z
  Octo lite 150   150   75   125
  Octo lite 200   200   150   150
  Octo lite 300   300   150s   150
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