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No other company understands Parylene coatings better than we do. SCS is the direct descendant of the companies that developed Parylene in the 1950s and began using it in commercial applications in 1965. We have been providing Parylene coating services, equipment and materials for more than 35 years, as well as aggressively researching and developing Parylene variants and application processes to find innovative coating solutions for customers' advanced technologies.


SCS Parylene deposition systems are designed for accurate, precise and repeatable conformal coating production with high throughput and simple operation.

Each deposition system features a Windows XP-based computer control system that enables users to configure operating parameters as well as store and display system data. Selectable temperature and pressure data points are recorded for production monitoring, and real-time graphs as displayed during the coating process. Once operating parameters are programmed, the units can operate with minimal supervision. Additionally, all SCS Parylene deposition systems feature closed-loop monomer pressure control to ensure precise deposition of the polymer film.

The Parylene Deposition Process
Parylene coatings are applied at ambient temperatures with deposition equipment that enables control of both coating rate and ultimate thickness. Polymer deposition takes place at the molecular level as a powdered chemical is vaporized under vacuum and heated to form a dimeric gas, then pyrolized to cleave the dimer into its monomeric form, and finally deposited as a transparent polymer film.

  Coating thicknesses from 0.10 m to 76 m can be applied in a single operation.
  Typical deposition rate is 5 m per hour upon process equilibrium.
  No catalysts or solvents are used in the deposition process.

  SCS PDS 2060PC: Industry Leading Parylene Deposition System
Designed for high-capacity production where output is critical, the SCS PDS 2060PC can be configured with your choice of chamber size, with options ranging from 9 x 24 in (23 x 61 cm) to 24 x 32 in (61 x 81 cm).

The system can be manufactured for virtually any operating power and includes communication port to upload process data for system and coating run analysis.

Standard features

  Windows XP-based computer control system with flat-panel display
  User-configurable operating parameters
  Temperature and pressure data collection
  NFPA-79 and CE conformance
  Automated vaporizer and pump valves
  Battery back-up for safe system shut-down
  Variety of vertical and horizontal chamber designs
 Tumble or cell coating features
  Cell coat model simultaneously handle up to 12 separate part types without mixing
  Axial or cross flow functionality

Optional system accessories

  Exhaust filtration
  Cascade refrigeration system with cold probe temperature sensor
  Automatic liquid nitrogen control

SCS PDS 2035CR: Specially Built for Cleanroom Applications
The SCS PDS 2035CR is designed with a dual-access chamber so parts can be loaded from the cleanroom while the machine body and particulate sources remain outside the clean area. The PDS 2035Cr enables you to maintain the ut most cleanliness and maximize your cleanroom floor space while coating your critical components with ultra-thin Parylene conformal coatings.

Operated by a Windows XP-based computer with fully user-configurable operating parameters, the features and controls of the PDS 2035CR are similar to the PDS 2060PC.


Parylene Dimer


SCS Parylene dimer is the chemical precursor in the deposition process, and its quality is critical. We have a dedicated and proprietary manufacturing source to ensure that all SCS dimer meets our precise and demanding standards. SCS dimer is a stable white powder and is available in multiple weights and containers.

SCS PDS 2060PC Deposition Chambers (Custom chambers are available upon request)



Size (diameter x height)

Nominal Capacity

Static coating

Standard vertical
  with one 9-inch (23 cm) extension
  with two 9-inch (23 cm) extensions

17.7 x 15 in (45 x38 cm)
17.7 x 24 in (45 x 61cm)
17.7 x 33 in (45 x 84cm)



Jumbo vertical

24 x 32 in (61 x 81 cm)


Tumble coating

Small axial flow
Large axial flow
Small cross flow
Large cross flow

9 x 24 in (23 x 61 cm)
16 x 30 in (41 x76cm)
18 x 24 in (46 x 61cm)
24 x 32 in (61 x 81 cm)

25 L
100 L
100 L
270 L


SCS PDS 2060PC system Specifications

Generation unit operating weight

500 lbs (227 kg)

Dimensions ( L x W x H)
(not including coating chamber)

70 x 32 x 59 2 in (178 x 81 x 150 5 cm)

Custom voltage configurations available.

208 VAC, 50/60 Hz (3 sybl 40 A or 1 sybl 63 A)


30 CFM (51 m 3 / hr maximum)

Ambient work environment

40 to 85 0 F (4 to 29 0 C) at 20 to 60% relative humidity

Dimer capacity

2.2 lbs (1 kg)


Innovative solutions for advance technologies.
Specialty Coating System leads the industry in providing Parylene solutions for our global customers' advanced technologies. SCS is the direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and we have more than 35 years of experience and expertise that we leverage on every project for our customers-from the initial planning phase, to advanced engineering, to the development of application processes.

Our worldwide resources include highly experienced sales engineers some of the world's foremost Parylene specialists, and expert manufacturing personnel working in nine state-of-the-art coating facilities around the globe. In addition to Parylene coating service, we design and manufacture industry-leading Parylene deposition system; liquid spray dip and spin coating systems; ionic contaminations test systems; and UV and thermal cure units. Our equipment is used in environments that range from small university and research labs to high-volume production applications.

Our extensive and proactive approach to production and quality requirements - testing, validating, documenting and processing - provides our customers peace of mind and minimizes their resources needed to meet the most challenging industry specifications and quality requirements.

The SCS PDS 2060PC software features
real-time system monitoring and run data
Parylene Dimer
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