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  RMSE-2D Complete Rework Station with Electric Pump
Includes DDE Control Unit with T245 Iron and DR560 Desoldering Iron, JTE Control Unit with JT Heater Hose Set The RMSE rework station was designed for rework and repair of through-hole and SMT boards.

Desoldering of SMD components of any size by hot air:
JBC's exclusive system of using jointly extractors/protectors and hot air, which offers safe, fast and clean desoldering, limits heat to the component to be desoldered, while it protects the rest of the circuit.

Desoldering SMT and through-hole components, and pad cleaning. For this operation this station features the desoldering iron DR-A and an integrated vacuum pump.

Pick & Place tip for placing components .

Soldering of any kind of components with the quick response and recovery features which are typical of all JBC stations.

It has 3.5 Touch color display facilitates the user interaction and has an adjustable screen for easy reading This station can be easily controlled thanks to accurate information shown on a large-size display. For maximum user friendliness and adaptation to individual preferences, all functions can be saved and locked by PIN.Modular extension of this station offers almost unlimited connectivity to the JBC tools range: soldering and desoldering irons, desoldering tweezers and soldering wire feeding irons.

Basic specifications:

  • Peak power of DDE Control Unit: 150W per Tool
  • JT Hot Air Station Power : 700 W
  • Temperature range: 90-450 C
  • USB connector station-PC
  • Vacuum : 30% / 228mmHg / 9 inHg
  • Flow rate: 10 - 50 SLPM
  • USB-A/USB-B/Peripherals Connectors
  • RJ12 Connector for Robot
  • P-005 Pedal Connection


  NASE Nano Station

The best solution for repairing very small-sized components requiring the highest precision such as chips 0402, 0201, 01005, etc. It works simultaneously with the NT105 Nano Handpiece and the NP105 Steady Nano Tweezers. The short distance from the tip to the handle offers maximum control even when using a microscope.

Includes NAE Control Unit withNP105-B Nano Tweezer NP105-A Nano Handle with set of Cartridges

Basic specifications

    • Output Peak Power 14W per tool
    • Output Peak Power 14W per tool
    • Communication connectors : USB-A / USB-B / Pedal
    • Robot connector : RJ12 for RS-232 protocol
  JTSE-2A Hot Air Station

This is a high powered hot air station for repairing all types of SMDs quickly and safely, including the biggest QFPs and PLCCs. It has Profiles mode which features along with the manual mode a powerful functionality of profiles to perform rework tasks with the maximum precision.You can control temperature values and air flow rate by creating up to 25 profiles. It has thermocouple to Read the temperature at a specific point on the PCB. It helps protect the components or a specific area on the PCB and provides greater precision when regulating the temperature.

ncludes JT Control Unit JT-T2A Heater Hose Set with a complete extractor desk, tripods, protectors & extractors.

Basic specifications

  • Nominal Power- 700W
  • Nominal Power- 700W
  • Vacuum : 30% / 228mmHg / 9 inHg
  • Air Flow Regulation: 5 - 50 SLPM
  • Communication connectors USB-B
  • P-005 Pedal Connection
RMSE 2D Rework Station
NASE Nano Station
RMSE-2D Rework Station


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