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  :: Aurotek Y - S168CE  
  Two-Slide PCB Separator
  Loading and unloading simultaneously to limit the idle time
  Available in linear and circular cutting to diminish restrictions of PCB design
  Friendly man machine interface to minimize the time of programming
  Vacuum cleaner with auto power on/offfunction to save power

Standard Specifications

Dimensions 1168 x 1480 x 1727 (CE)
Routing bit diameter F 0.8mm F2mm (option over F2mm )
Precision of positioning 0.01mm
Precision of cutting 0.1mm
Number of axes in use 3 (X,Y,Z)
Working Area X: 330mm, Y:330mm, Z:60mm (CE)
Component height Top side:15mm, Bottom side: 35mm ( with universal jig ) and 45 mm ( with Specific Jig )
Driving Speed (Max) X,Y: 700mm/Sec, Z:500 mm/sec
Cutting Speed (Max) 100mm/sec
Spindle High speed variable frequency motor, 265W
(58,000 rpm)
Motor of axes 3 axes (200W AC servo motors)
Programme Storage HDD
Cutting Ability Liner, L-Shape, Arc, U-Shape, Circular
Route planning Direct doordinate input or manual guiding
  with 10x CCD Camera
Routing bit Sectioning Max.2 sections
Program backup USB
PCB loding/unloading Manual
Setting fixture 2 stations
Power Supply 3 Phase AC 220V , +/- 3% , 50 Hz , 2.5 kw
Weight 390 Kg
Air 5 Kg/cm2
  Features for Dual Stage Routers
Fast and Precise: The max. running speed can reach 750 mm/sec without compromising its high precision: 0.01mm (cutting precision: 0.1mm).
    Fiducial recognition: The machine is equipped with fiducial recognition option for high accuracy cutting.
Easy and Accurate: An assistant CCD Camera set will zoom in PCB 10 times and show a cross scale and cutting range on the screen.
    Flexible: Linear and circular routing / cutting fits any shape of PCB design.
    Friendly: Easy-to-use man-machine interface minimizes the time of programming.
Route Duplication: User only needs to set 2 referent point to duplicate a same route (In-Line, 2-Slide type)
Vacuum Cleaner: YSF Series Vacumm cleaner is designed for completely collecting dust & fragment during routing The operation of its high horse power motor & high speed fan results in efficient dust collection
Clean: Using a down cutting drill bit with a high efficiency downward dust colection system ensures minimal environmental contamination. An optional ionizer can balance static electricity to limit the dust generation.
Routing Bit Sectioning: Setting a distance, and have the routing bit shift-up or shift-down in order to multiply the life of routing bit
2-Way Sliding work Exchanger: Providing a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time (In-line, 2-Slide) Left & Right tables can be loaded with 2 different programs allowing mix model operation
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