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SmartScope SNAP
QVI SNAPTM may be the most productive machine in your shop. SNAP makes complex measurements easily and accurately. Simply place a part on the stage, select the routine, and press Run.

Get the Big Picture

SNAP can measure anything within its generous 78 mm field of view. Telecentric optics accurately measure parts more than 35 mm thick at the highest magnification, or up to 75 mm thick at the lowest. With 75 mm vertical stage adjustment, parts taller than 100 mm can be measured.

High Definition Video

A custom megapixel camera provides high definition video images. Native VideoTM image processing lets you zoom in on any part of the field of view to isolate and measure small details with up to 50 nanometer resolution - all without moving the part.

Flexible Illumination

SNAP's lighting package uses only cool-operating, high-brightness LEDs. With backlight for profile projection, square-on top light for looking into bores and cavities, and an 8-sector programmable ring light for highlighting surface features, it's easy to find the perfect lighting combination for any part.

Maximum Measuring Range : X : 250 mm , Y : 100 mm , Z : 75 mm

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