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PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary branche of the trade company PB Technik AG Zollikon in Switzerland. During it's existence the branche company became so active, that, finally, in 2006 we have bought the shares from the co-owner and became 100% Czech company
  Universal direct spray cleaning system (PCBA, misprint, stencil in one system)
Universal cleaning solution (PCBA, misprint, stencil in one system)
Designed to clean difficult hi-density PCBA with low standoff components
Cleaning before wire bonding
High throughput & low process cost cleaning
Excellent PUMP PRINT® stencil cleaning.
  » Eliminate Rework
  Super SWASH TWINGO - Defluxing Systems
  » Extreme high capacity of stencil cleaning
  » Great PCBA cleaning volume
  Specifications - Defluxing Systems - Unique features
  » Chamber can hold double stencil/frame
Enhanced Super SWASH features
  » Increased liquid flow
  » Optimal nozzle system
  » Unique air knife system
  » 3 years warranty (on request)
COMPACLEAN - High pressure / High volume cleaning system
  » High capacity & low process cost PCBA cleaning
  » Solder pallet cleaning
    Specifications - Soldering Pallet Cleaning Systems
  » Fixed nozzle system

Basket oscillation

  » Uniform covering of cleaned area
  » All processes totally separated
  » Closed DI water loops available
  » 4 step process - each splitted to 5 substeps
  » Easy maintenance
3 years waranty (on request)
  » Parameters - Soldering Pallet Cleaning Systems
STENCILCLEAN - Application
  » Price-effective & reliable stencil cleaning
  » Very suitable also for PUMP PRINT® stencil
  » Effective for PCBA cleaning
  » Very competitive price/performance level!
    Specifications - Stencil Cleaning Systems
  » Double motoric driven manifold with liquid and air knife system to ensure direct effect
  » Synchronous spraying and drying from both sides
  » This prevents stencil from damaging
  » Rinsing by cleaner, water or DI water
  » Controlled drag-out compensation
  » Wide choice of options
  » Heated cleaning process
  » Anticollision system
  » Easy setting & operation
  » Easy maintenance
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