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  Most Productive ICT Solution
Teradyne's TestStation Multi-Site systems deliver 2 to 4 times greater test capacity, delivering 200 to 400% greater productivity, and 40 to 50% lower total cost of test compared to a conventional single site system.
Supporting a full range of MDA/ICT/FBT production test capability, Teradyne's TestStation Multi-Site systems expand test capacity and productivity while reducing test floor space and energy costs.

The TestStation Multi-Site Offline test system features:

  » Multi-Site test architecture for 2 to 4 times greater throughput vs. single-site test system
  » System footprint that is 40% less compared to an equivalent conventional system
  » 2,560 test point capability
  » One-third the AC power provisioning requirements of full-sized alternatives
  » Easily configurable to deliver simple analog-only, in-circuit, and system-level test
  » "Copy-Exact" test results worldwide
  » Compact Footprint
  Features and Options:
TestStation Multi-Site Offline test system support all the standard and optional features of theTestStation platform, but are unique in the following ways:
  » Resource-optimized multi-site system design
  » Delivers the smallest system footprint of the TestStation platform
  » Offers multi-site parallel testing capabilities for twice the system throughput of much larger systems
  » Supports up to 5 or 10 pin card slots per site
  » Configurable with analog only, pure pin, hybrid, or high-density pin cards
  » Pin counts range up to 1,280 for single site configurations or 2,560 for dual site configurations
  Product Specification:
Base System:
  » Synchronized Analog and Digital Subsystems
  » Standard or High Density Option
  » All Pin utilize parallel drive and sense capability
  » Automation ready
  Available Offline Configuration:
Model # of Sites Max Pin Per Site Volume Multiplier
51 1 1280 1 x
52 2 2 x
  Hardware Options:
  » Flexible Power Supply Packages
  » Programmable Supplies Designed for use in Series and Parallel for High Voltage or Higher currents
Power Supply Option Choose upto 4 of the following
Programmable Alliance 2G; 0-7V @ 15A
Programmable Alliance 2G; 0-20V @ 8A
Programmable Alliance 2G; 0-60V @ 2.5A
Fixed Alliance 2G; ±5V @ 6A, ±15V @ 1A
  » Choice of Multiplexed or Non Multiplexed Pin Board Options
Pin Board Type Mix/ Match
121 Yes- 121 & 121 Analog only
121 Analog Yes- 121 & 121 Analog only
124 Yes- 124 & 128L
128L Yes- 124 & 128L
124L No
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