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PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System

PUMA (Cougar for portability) utilizes Spectral Dynamics’ innovative Computer-Aided Test Suite™ (CATS) architecture. Both take full advantage of the PC’s powerful Intel processor and Windows technology. Optimized for multi-tasking, and founded on industry connectivity and data interchange protocols, the CATS make your entire test and validation process more timely and efficient.

Versatile Test Capabilities

The Computer-Aided Test Suite™ vibration control and analysis appl ications were designed to meet a wide range of test requirements. With scalable hardware and softwa re the Vibration Control and Analysis System combines the simplicity of operation required for production screening with the power and versatility required for R&D prototype testing

  • 4 to 32 input channels with ICP
  • Analysis to 40 kHz with 12,800 lines
  • Scalable h/w and s/w architecture
  • Scalable h/w and s/w architecture
  • Comprehensive vibration test capabilities
  • Extensive laboratory integration and test automation features
Superior Control and Analysis

PUMA will meet the most stringent test requirements. PUMA incorporates high quality data acquisition and signal generation hardware designed with the latest floating point DSP technology with patented digital vibration control methods. ADAPTIVE CONTROL permits PUMA to “see the future” and adjust the control speed in real time to the next measure of error that is about to happen. This ‘look ahead’ feature allows the PUMA to control problems lesser systems don’t even understand.


24 bit input, compact, powerful, rugged and affordable with comprehensive test capabilities: Random, Sine, and Classical Shock with SRS displays.

  • 4 input channels with ICP®
  • Powerful multiple DSP architecture
  • Comprehensive vibration test capabilities:
    • Random
    • Sine
    • Classical Shock with SRS displays
  • Autoranging input and output attenuators for over 90 dB usable dynamic range
  • Extensive safety, automation, and test configuration features
  • Flexible data storage with display overlays of current and stored test results
  • Powerful hardware processor for the fastest and most accurate control possible
  • Fully documented post-test summary with and without Microsoft Office


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