HGLaser is the main subsidiary company of Huagongtech Co.,Ltd Set up in 1999, located in Wuhan, China . HG Laser is leading company manufacturing Laser DePanelling machines for PCBs & Laser marking machines for PCBA, Metals (Stainless Steel, Aluminium), Plastics ( ABS , Polymer), etc.

Laser Marking and Laser Cutting Machine

Wuhan HGLaser Engineering Co., Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. HGLASER, relying on HUST Background, set up in 1997, located in Wuhan, China. HGLASER is the 1st Chinese stock listing company in the laser industry, it's the core subsidiary company of HGTECH Group.


PCB Laser Marking Machine from HGLASER is designed for laser permanent marking Barcode, 2D Code, Characters, Graphic and other information on different kinds of Printed Circuit Board, to instead of Label Sticker or Ink Printing. Integrated with highperformance CO2/Fiber laser source, highpixel CCD camera and micronlevel motion module, PCB Laser Marking Series is competent to premarking automatic positioning, tiny or big dimension marking, and postmarking feedback reporting.

Technical Specifications

Description LCD 10C LCD 20F
Laser Laser Type CO2 Fiber
Laser Wavelength 10600 nm 1064 nm
Output Power 10W 20W
Processing Capability Marking Area 500mm*460 mm 500mm*460 mm
Repositioning Resolution ± 0.10 mm ± 0.10 mm
Min. Line Width <0.15 mm 0.10 mm
Min. Character Height <0.20 mm 0.20 mm
Configuration Positioning System Paraxial CCD Camera Paraxial CCD Camera
Control System IPC IPC


Adopted with highperformance UV laser cold light source, highprecision CCD image positioning technology and selfdeveloped visual laser control software, the Flexible PCB Laser Cutting Machine from HGLASER perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling and marking of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.

Technical Specifications

Description LBA12U
Laser Laser Type UV
Laser Wavelength 355 nm
Output Power 10W20W
Scan Area Range 45 mm x 45 mm
Focus Spot Diameter <20μm
Processing Capability Cutting Area 435mm x 335mm
Cutting Thickness <1.0 mm
Min. Line Width 20μm
Stitching Accuracy ±5μm
XY Table Repositioning Accuracy ±3μm
CCD Matching Accuracy 3μm
Configuration Paraxial Visual Positioning System B/W CCD
Auto Focusing System Zaxis Auto Focusing
XY Working Platform Motion System AC Servo Motor
Base Platform Highprecision Marble Platform