Techno Blaze Inc. Japan

Cluster Tool for Amoled Display

Techno Blaze, Inc. supports your R&D efforts by supplying components and machines for vacuum pumping, measuring, and evaporation sources. Best utilized in laboratories for :
a) Organic functional film development
b) Laser Deposition System
c) Encapsulation System
d) Thin-film process development

Along with sales, we also perform regular maintenance of Techno Blaze products to ensure optimal operations.

Key Features of Techno Blaze Solutions

  • Ultra-compact design research equipment with 2500 x 2500 sq. mm of footprint with 5 process chambers and a transfer system
  • 9 ultra-small evaporation sources per chamber with 0.3 gm material for 5 hours of continuous evaporation using Alq3
  • Substrate-Evaporation source distance of 150 mm with a deposition rate of 0.1 nm/sec along with temperature control resolution of 1 degree C
  • Based on evaporation material, stainless steel, tantalum, or graphite is compatible as the crucible
  • Rapid cooling mechanism brings down the source temperature below sublimation and rapidly reduces vapor pressure to avoid material wastage