Martin GmBH is a world leader in manufacturing BGA Rework Stations. Martin was founded in 1982 in Munich Germany. Martin products deliver the key benefits needed for reworking advanced devices such as precise temperature, hybrid heating technology, outstanding placement accuracy and very large board handling capacity. In 2009 Martin GmbH, Germany (www.martinsmt. de) acquired Martin GmbH, & thus expanded their product range with manual and semi automatic rework systems.

Martin BGA Rework Station

Martin is one of the leading manufacturer of BGA Rework Stations.They have BGA Rework Station for small Mobile PCBs to very big Telecom PCBs. In 2009 Finetech GmbH, Berlin acquired Martin GmbH. Together they have a wide range of Rework Stations for a wide range of applications.



  • Maximum recommended PCB Size: 480x480mm
  • Motorised XYZΘ Axes
  • Automated Pickup, alignment and placement
  • Alignment is with AVP (Advanced Vision Placement) Software
  • Bottom Heater: 5000 W, 8 IR Lamps

Technical Specifications

  • Component Sizes: 1x0.5m² 65x85m ²
  • 5 Mega Pixel CMOS Camera
  • LED Ring Light Illumination
  • IR Sensor
  • Auto Lens Detection
  • Resolution Motion System: 0.001mm
  • Flux Dipping
  • Solder Paste Printing

EXPERT 10.6 Series

  • Expert 10.6 HXV 480x480mm², max. 5,500W
  • Expert 10.6 HV 305x305mm², max. 3,000W