Established in 1992 is a leader in cleaning solutions with presence in more than 33 countries. PBT range of product includes Stencil Cleaning , PCBA cleaning , Misprint Cleaning , Pallet Cleaning ,Parts Cleaning catering to various segments such as Automotive , Aerospace , Electronic & Semiconductor.

PCB / Stencil Cleaning

PBT offers Stencil and PCBA cleaning solutions.


Direct Spray Against Surface Technology for PCBA & Stencil Cleaning.


  • Universal cleaning solution
  • (PCBA, misprint, stencil in one system)
  • Designed to clean difficult Hidensity PCBA, with low standoff components
  • Cleaning before wire bonding
  • High throughput & low process cost stencil cleaning
  • Excellent Pump PringĀ® stencil cleaning
  • Solder pallet cleaning

Unique Features

  • 4 step process each split to 5 substeps
  • Easy process optimization due to glass door
  • Efficient air knife for dripoff and fast drying
  • DI water reclaim plant is integrated
  • Optional selective singleside cleaning


High Pressure/ High Volume PCBA Cleaning System.


  • High capacity & low process cost PCBA cleaning
  • Solder pallet cleaning

Unique Features

  • Fixed nozzle system
  • Basket oscillation
  • Uniform covering of cleaned area
  • All processes totally separated
  • Closed DI water loops available
  • 4 step process each splitted to 5 substeps


Automatic Cleaning System for Stencils and PCB.


  • Price-effective & reliable stencil cleaning
  • Very suitable also for Pump PrintĀ® stencil
  • Effective for PCBA cleaning
  • Very competitive price/performance level

Unique Features

  • Double motor driven manifold with liquid and air knife system to ensure direct effect
  • Synchronous spraying and drying from both sides
  • This prevents stencil from damaging
  • Rinsing by cleaner, water or DI water
  • Controlled dragout compensation
  • Heating in cleaning medium
  • Anticollision system
  • Easy setting & operation