RuiChi Robot (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national hightech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of solder robots. It is mainly engaged in R&D and sales on intelligent soldering robots, intelligent production lines, automatic dispensing robots, automatic locking screw robots, intelligent control cards and nonstandard automation equipment's. After years of development, our company is in the leading position in the fields of industrial robot structural design, motion control algorithms, image recognition algorithms, industrial robot applications, and smart factories.

Robotic Soldering

Product Portfolio

  • Robotic Soldering Machine
  • Robotic Screw Locking Machine
  • Robotic dispensing Machine
  • Robotic Odd shape component Insertion Machine
  • Automatic production line Machine
  • Flexible wire soldering technology

Core Technologies

  • Fast and high precision temperature control technology based on power compensation
  • Solder system based on Windows system Automatic detection technology of solder joint quality
  • Cloudbased soldering machine condition monitoring
  • Nonstandard plugin soldering technology
  • Visual System: Optical elements and photographs, position profile, motion detection

Core Competitiveness

  • Motion control algorithm
  • Image recognition algorithm
  • Solder pure algorithm process
  • Smart Aftersales Cloud Platform

Core Competence

  • Advanced Design Tools : computeraided design (CAD), finite element analysis, modal analysis, virtual prototyping, etc.
  • Precision Mechatronics System : Taking vibration, force balance, calibration, and control components into consideration to design and analyze dynamic closedloop systems with the latest analytical and measurement tools.
  • Servo System : Trajectory planning, multiaxis synchronization and overlap motion, selftuning, and adaptive intelligent control, nonlinear error compensation.
  • Temperature Control System : original 600W high power welding system, high precision thermostat system, instantaneous temperature recovery system.