Since 1976, SPEA designs and manufactures the best automatic test equipment for Semiconductor ICs, MEMS, electronic boards and modules. The company works every day to remain a global leader in this high-tech field.

In Circuit Tester

3030 board tester range is a scalable in-circuit test platform that delivers the shortest test time, superior diagnostic accuracy and full test coverage for the widest range of electronic products. In-line automated or manual loading, configurable, upgradable on field and reliable over years, 3030 board tester range meets the test and throughput needs of electronic manufacturers worldwide.


  • Production lines for universal electric motors
  • Production lines for brushless motors
  • Production lines for traction electric motors
  • Production lines for starter motors
  • Production lines for alternators
  • Production lines for induction electric motors
Flying Probe Testers

SPEA automatic flying probe testers for electronic boards stand out for their unsurpassed throughput performance and for their excellent fault coverage.


  • In-Circuit Test Power off
  • In-Circuit Test Power on
  • All-Nets Short Circuit Test
  • Nodal Impedance, Voltage and Insulation Test
  • Open Pin Scan
  • Power supply test
  • Discharge Capacitor Test
  • Voltage Spike Detection
  • Power Supply Test
  • Functional Test
  • Flashing via On-Board Programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • Waveform Capture
  • Flying Frequency Measurement up to 100 MHz
  • Optical Test ,Thermal Test , 3D Laser
  • Test Light Chromaticity & Intensity test