YJLink in Korea since its establishment in the 2003, had undertaken sufficient Factory Automation in Korea to make itself outstanding and be seen by its competitors. The Company comprises of five main teams who are well equipped with knowledge and the technical expertise for their respective scope of responsibilities. All of team is to provide total satisfaction to its customers, therefore endlessly upgrading itself in human resources and goods to demands and requirement from the accounts and market.

Board Handling and Automation System

YJ Link offers below products

  • Magazine Loader & Unloader Line (CE Type, Standard Type, Human Technology Type)
  • Vacuum Loader
  • PCB Cleaner
  • Link Conveyor
  • Work Table
  • Gate & Shuttle Conveyor
  • Sliding conveyor
  • Inverter
  • Turning Conveyor
  • Buffer Stacker
  • NG Stacker
  • Line up Conveyor
  • Wave Soldering IN/Out Feeder
  • Soldering Robot machine
  • Manual Insertion line
  • PCB Cutting machine
  • Label machine
  • Heating Conveyor
  • Case Mounter machine/Srew assy machine
  • Boat Loader & Unloader ( Lead Frame, BGA Board) in semiconductor production

Magazine Loader/Unloader

Buffer/Stacker AOING Buffer

Vacuum Loader-Destacker

PCB/Bare Board Cleaner

Inverter (Vertical Turn Conveyor)

Link Conveyor

Work Table

Gate Conveyor